Conwell Medical Co., Ltd.



■ Stable fractures of the lower leg and ankle
■ Acute ankle sprains
■ Post-op ankle surgery


■ One Piece Structure design with back and lateral shell in one piece 
   structure to provide greater support to the ankle and superior impact
   resistance and great structure strength.
■ Patented flexible shell edge for comfort.
■ Patented adjustable toe protector provides extra protection for the toes.
■ Air can be easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit.
■ Rocker bottom design promotes natural gait and provides excellent stability.
■ 100% rubber anti-slippery sole and wear resisting sole for safety and durability.
SizeS . M . L . XL
SIZE Max. Foot Length US Women's shoe US Men's shoe Euro shoe
S 26 cm 6 - 8 4.5 - 7 36 - 40
M 28 cm 8.5 - 11.5 7.5 - 10.5 40 - 44
L 30 cm 11.5 - 13.5 10.5 - 12.5 44 - 47
XL 32 cm > 13.5 > 12.5 > 47
Product Instruction Manualor

THE CONWELL AIR WALKING BOOT (SHORT) is indicated following acute ankle sprains, stable fractures and injuries of the foot.

❶Untie strap and soft foam liner, position foot carefully into soft foam liner, step heel back. Steady position (Fig.A).

❷Make sure the ankle is well positioned inside the walker, fasten the hook and loop fasteners of the soft foam liner  (Fig.B).

❸You may put pad kits to supplement inner space or between walker frame and soft foam liner if needed  (Fig.C).

❹Place front panel in correspondent place  (Fig.D).

❺Fasten all the straps from ankle proximal to distal and adjust the straps to comfortable tight (Fig.E).

❻The front toe protector can be adjusted to fit required foot length. To adjust the toe protector, put it in upright position  (Fig.F). Unlock by pressing both ends and adjust it to the required length  (Fig.G) and adjust it to the suitable fixed holes. After adjusting, put the toe protector in the flat position (Fig.H).

❼To inflate aircell, turn the button (Fig. I ). towards the indicated "inflate" direction until it is tight, then press the black pump button (Fig.J). to inflate air until aircell feels snug. Stop inflating while uncomfortable compression felt.
Heavy compression may reduce blood circulation.

❽To deflate aircell, turn the button (Fig. I ) towards indicated "deflate" direction until it is tight, the aircell will deflate automatically. To accelerate aircell deflating, press the black pump button (Fig.J).



1.If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases,discontinue use and consult a physician.

2.Usage as directed by physician, also operated by professional accroding to physician indication. Do not operate without consulting physician.

3.Make sure the hook and loop fasteners are well fastened while wearing the product. If the hook and loop fasteners cannot be fastened well. stop using the product to prevent injuries.

Washing Instructions:

1.Remove foam liner from hinges for hand wash. using a mild detergent and cold water. air dry. Do not wash in washing machine or place in mechanical dryer. Do not bleach nor iron.

2.For plastic components, clean with a damp cloth, air dry. Do not use detergent or bleach.