Conwell Medical Co., Ltd.



■ Mid to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis
■ Genu varum
■ Reduce knee pain


■ The Patent "PUSH-POWER SYSTEM" makes it easy and fast correct
   knee deformation.
■ Flexible hinged wings allow user fit for the leg and provide great stabilization.
■ Lightweight design is more suitable for daily use.
■ Convenient, adjustable straps ensure a user fit.
■ length adjustable from  12 "  to  14 "
■ One- size-fits-all.

57310 ( LEFT )  / 57320 ( RIGHT )

SIZE                (Measurements are taken          (Measurements are taken              
6”(15cm) above mid-patella)      6”(15cm) below mid-patella)
ONE SIZE         15 inch - 27 inch                   12.5 inch - 20 inch           
Product Instruction Manualor

THE CONWELL PUSH-POWER OA KNEE BRACE is design for knee genu varum.

❶ There are 6 straps ( 2 piecs of spare strap ) the length of starp are 15, 20 and 25 inch respectively, for diversity requirment. The fastening end of the strap is removable design, and through it to adjust the length. the straps are xable, if the strap is too long, please remove the hook piece, trim the strap and reapply the hook piece (Fig. A).

❷ The strap and the main fram ar e c onnected by the buckle design, in order to wear it easily. Just fasten the dring to the fixed buckle. the fixed end of buckle ( with "BACK" should be rear of the main fram, in order to secure the buckle not fall easily.) and free end of buckle (with "FRONT" should be in surface of the fram, in order to wear it easily.) (Fig. B).

❸Please adjust the fo am pad which on the strap t o the proper position , it mak es user much confortable when wearing it. The length o f fo am pad is adjustable, just cut the slot on the foam pad direct (Fig. D).

Bowleg / Knock Knee replacment instruction:

❹ Please accroding to the situation to choose LEFT or RIGHT brace. When wearing the brace, please leave the brace in the lateral of the knee. (Genu Varum bowleg is suitable (Fig. D); if knock kne es please leave the brace in medialis (Fig. E), and swap Left to Right side or Right to Left). the n the pressure regulator aim at middle of lateral knee joint, finally adjust the strap in or der and t o proper pressure (Fig. F).

❺ When the straps are fixed, please push the button of the regulator to end of bottom, then push the "LOCK" button to locked the regulator to prevent the button rebound (Fig. G).

❻ When take off the brace, please unlocked the button of the regulator, then push back the "LOCK" button to release the pressure and straps (Fig. H).

● Assistive Function:

Ifanypressure requiremnt, please remove the fo am pad and screw in, it will increase around 0.5 cm length and pressure (Fig. I ).



1.If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician.

2.Usage as directed by physician, also operated by professional accroding to physician indication. Do not operate without consulting physician.

3.Make sure the hook and loop fasteners are well fastened while wearing the product. If the hook and loop fasteners cannot be fastened well. stop using the product to prevent injuries.

Washing Instructions:

Remove foam liner from hinges for hand wash. using a mild detergent and cold water. air dry. Do not wash in washing machine or place in mechanical dryer. Do not bleach nor iron. to clean the plastic & iron parts by rag.